Film Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I feel kind of negligent that I took this long to go see this movie.  Luckily I waited for optimum conditions for a great viewing experience.  I hit up an early matinée to avoid crowds, and brought my dynamic duo along to be true judges of the quality of this film.  At this point, I'm … Continue reading Film Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Eclipse #8

This issue marks the end of the second arc of Eclipse, and does so in an action packed issue!  With Rose going undercover for the Underground, and Bax facing off against Solarity and the Raiders, this issue had a lot to resolve, and it does in a fast-moving and fun book.  It picks up shortly … Continue reading Eclipse #8

Shatterstar #4

The fourth issue of this limited series is out now!  Tim Seeley, Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval, and Carlos Lopez continue this excellent series following everyone's favourite gladiator turned landlord. The Cover Yasmine Putri's cover features Shatterstar and Gringrave facing off.  It's a mean looking engagement, and the looks on the characters faces tells that only … Continue reading Shatterstar #4