Eclipse #2

The second issue in Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano's post apocalyptic series moves the story forward by introducing a new antagonist and showing how vulnerable humanity is now. The Cover The cover features a team of security officers and NYPD moving through an abandoned above ground train station in solar suits, guns out and at … Continue reading Eclipse #2


Multiple Man #4

The fourth issue of the five-part Multiple Man series is out now!  This series just seems to get more and more weird and confusing, but in a good way.  It continues to be a lot of fun, and this issue explains some of what happened in issue #1.  Where will it end up?  We'll have … Continue reading Multiple Man #4

Eclipse #1

The first issue in the Zack Kaplan penned and Giovanni Timpano drawn post apocalyptic series from Image Comics. The Cover The cover of this book speaks to desolation.  It features a man in some sort of protective suit - he looks like an astronaut.  Behind him is blinding light and the ruins of a city.  … Continue reading Eclipse #1