Halloween ComicFest 2016

Today my five year old daughter and I stopped in at our local comic shop, Kapow Comics Ltd for the Halloween ComicFest. So today I will be reviewing not one, but all four of the titles we picked up. First off, I want to mention how much fun it was to share this with my daughter. Letting her look through the books and scan the art(she can’t read just yet), and answering all the questions she had about who each character was, was an absolute blast. It was even more fun to read some of the titles(not all of them for good reason), and see how she reacted to the stories.20161030_213800.jpg

We picked up four titles in total:
1)Darth Vader – Doctor Aphra #1
2)Afterlife with Archie Season 2
3)My Little Pony Happy Halloween
4)DC Superhero Girls

Let’s begin!

Darth Vader – Doctor Aphra #1
This book introduces a sort of Indiana Jones archeologist type character that is conscripted into Darth Vader’s service. The story begins with the character in the middle of a heist, during which she ends up being bailed out and conscripted into Vader’s service. Vader exudes a quiet menace throughout the issue, and Aphra comes across as wholly competent and socially inept. Judging by this beginning the series has a lot of potential to be a lot of fun.

Afterlife with Archie Season 2
This story begins as a recap of the first story arc, told from the point of view of Betty. It seems like a great introduction to anyone that may have missed out on the first arc, and shows a vision of the Archie universe that is incredibly bleak. The art reflects this, everything appearing in muted shades of orange and black. It really paints a desolate picture. If you like the Archie comics for how you remember them it may not be a good fit for you, but if you want a dark spin on some familiar characters pick it up and enjoy!

My Little Pony Happy Halloween
Ok, this one was my daughter’s pick, and it really surprised me! The story is a ghost story, two of the ponies searching for some books that were stolen from the castle library by a ghost. It all ends well, but what really got me was a recurring reference to a popular video game from my childhood. You see, there are two ponies that appear as members of the castle staff. Plumbers. Brothers. Wearing red and green respectively, complete with large black moustaches. The Mario Pony has a mushroom as his symbol, and the Luigi Pony has a pipe. Add to the fact that the Mario Pony also mentions to the princess that if she gets captured he will come and rescue her later. Throughout each mention of these two characters I was almost killing myself laughing. All told this was a fun story, my daughter loved it, and we had a lot of fun reading it together. I recommend it!

DC Superhero Girls
This one had me the most interested. I thought it would be a good pick for my daughter, and the first few pages were really good. My daughter was particularly enamored of BatGirl hitting a villain named Lionmane with a fish. It included a quick retelling of the Odyssey, but was overall rather bland. But still, my daughter was asking a lot of questions about DC’s female superheroes, and she seemed to tune out a bit whenever they weren’t doing ‘superhero’ things. It wasn’t bad, but I honestly had hoped for better.

All in all, today was a lot of fun. We picked up some other comics which I will review here later, one of which I let her pick out solely based on the cover. Needless to say I’m quite looking forward to getting into that book!



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