Change into a Truck: A look at a Transformers comic from 2009.

Tonight my son wanted another story.  It was a little too early for him to go to bed, so I figured I’d dig into the few comics I have here and we’d read one together.  It needed to cover a few bases: no graphic violence, and nothing obscene.  Giant brightly coloured robots seemed to be the front runner.

So I picked up the IDW publishing issue of The Transformers that my friend Jeff got me a few years back for Christmas.  Jeff, if you’re reading this you’re now obligated to share with as many people as possible.  Just kidding.  The comic is a #1 issue, with a variant cover seen here:

It accurately sums up just what Optimus does.

I enjoy the cover on this one.  You just don’t see cover art on a comic book like this very often.  Personally I think it’s neat.  My 3 year old didn’t care.  The art on the inside however, was magnificent.  I really enjoy the look of the Transformers.  They appear to be a mix between the old G1 designs and the sad Michael Bay films.  Namely, the colour and general body design seem like updated versions of the G1 transformers, and the faces look like they came out of the live action films.  This comic was far better than the Bay movies, and tugged my memories of the old cartoon series.

The book starts after the Decepticons have been defeated.  Megatron is apparently dead, and now all remaining Transformers on Earth are in hiding, as us lowly humans have apparently gotten fed up with getting our cities destroyed and view all giant robots as a threat.  The book is well paced and sets up a story arc that I’m likely not going to get into or follow in detail.  I just don’t have the time or resources to track down the rest of the series.

My son however, quite enjoyed it.  The vibrant colour within the book kept his eyes glued to the page, and the story moved along swiftly enough that he didn’t get bored with it at all.  He had no prior attachment to any of the characters, so didn’t care at all when Ironhide got a hole blown through him.  I on the other hand felt sorry for the loyal right hand of Optimus.  This is a character that died in the animated movie, died in the live action films, and then in this comic, gets it again.  It was too bad, this was probably my favourite iteration of him.

I enjoyed this read through of the comic for a couple reasons:  first, I got to share it with my son.  I enjoyed how transfixed he was with the art, and how he hung on every word of the story.  It was a blast!  Secondly, I’d forgotten how well pencilled, inked and coloured this issue was.  It just looked great.  The Transformers look better than the live action film could ever make them, and tug enough on my childhood memories to make me instantly connect with some of my old favourites.  Had I been collecting when I got this, or when it first was released in 2009, I might have followed this series!


4 thoughts on “Change into a Truck: A look at a Transformers comic from 2009.

  1. I think IDW is criminally underrated with the comics they produce! Now it seems I might have to check out their Transformers books. I love their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and their Ghostbusters series as well. And there’s even a trade paperback where the Ghostbusters and the Turtles team-up!!! I (and the six-year-old version of me that’s still inside) absolutely loved it.


      1. I know! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before. My first volume of their’s was the TMNT/Ghostbusters team-up. I couldn’t believe how good it was and how little anyone talks about IDW. I’m glad you’re spreading the love!!


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