A Little Girl, a Tyrannosaur, and Lego: A look at Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #12


I picked this issue up a few months ago on a trip to the local comic shop with my daughter.  I’d picked out an issue of Dr Strange, and seeing as they had a two for one sale going on, was looking for that second book.  I was having a hard time deciding, so I let my 5 year old daughter pick.  This was her choice, and talk about a good choice!

I gave the issue a quick read through, and then decided to read it as a bedtime story.  My daughter loved it.  Here was a little girl that loved lego and had a pet dinosaur, and not only that, she could switch minds with him!  She loved the vibrancy of the art, the main character, and of course, the dinosaur.

As for the story, it wraps up a story arc involving the Kree capturing Inhumans.  Our main character, Luna Lafayette a.k.a. Moon Girl, just happens to be an Inhuman, though her power is more inconvenient than amazing, as she can switch bodies with Devil Dinosaur, a large, red T-Rex, and usually at inopportune times.  In this issue she and Devil Dinosaur, with the aid of a robotic Lego Triceratops build by Luna, drive off the Kree and save the day.  It wasn’t too in-depth or world-changing for a story, but it was fun, and has a relatable protagonist.  She doesn’t want to be a hero, she just wants to get on with life and go to college.

Still working on cleaning up screenshots…

The issue finishes with a cameo by the Totally Awesome Hulk(I’m still not 100% sure what happened to the old one, but hey, that’s what wikipedia is for I guess), that leads into the next storyline.  I’d definitely recommend this book, as it was a fun read, and from what my local comic proprietor has told me, a fairly popular one.  To top it off, all Marvel Comics titles come with a free digital download, so you can set up an account with Marvel, redeem your code, and have access to your comic anywhere you can get online.  I think it’s a pretty damn good feature, well done Marvel!

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