A First Foray into Justice: My first ever Justice League comic, #14.

As far as comics go I’ve always sort of been more of a Marvel guy.  Not that DC has never put out good stuff, but teenage me was always into the X-Men.  That, and I’ve never been a huge Superman fan.  Not sure why, but the character never really resonated with me or seemed interesting.  But I’ve decided to give DC, and the Justice League, a shot.  In part because DC has done some excellent stuff with their Arrow-verse on television, part due to the rave reviews Rebirth has been receiving(I did pick up Hellblazer #1 a few months ago, it was the subject of one of my first blogs), and finally in part to my daughter loving Wonder Woman and my son liking Superman and Batman.


I picked up issue #14, in part because it looked like it encompassed the whole team.  Luckily for me, it did.  My son got his Batman and Superman fix, and my daughter got to see Wonder Woman in action.  Not much did happen in this issue, as it appears to have been a character/team building issue.  It picks up with the Justice League haven been beaten, badly, by a giant spaceship hanging out in the atmosphere.  The League is slowly coming too underground where the team had been deposited, and taking the time to regroup.  We discover this team is full of several new members, two of them being new Green Lanterns, and one being another Earth’s Superman(apparently our Earth’s Superman has died).

The team spends most of the issue trying to bring each others spirits up to prepare for a rematch with the alien craft that had beaten them once and save the Earth.  In the process Superman tells the team about the Justice League on his Earth, how they always stuck together, and also includes a snippet about how his Batman has devised plans to take down each of them in the event they go rogue.  This of course prompts the rest of the team to look at their own Batman and query if he’s done something similar.  His one word answer: “Yes.”  The team got past this a little quicker than I’d have liked, and hopefully it does get followed up on in subsequent issues/storylines.

The Justice League of course comes together and saves the day, but how they do it isn’t shown.  We see the plan they develop and the aftermath of the League flying towards us in the final panel as the aliens flee, but the battle with the bad guy of the week was the least important part of this issue.  I found it to be a solid character developing piece, and it would definitely lead me to pick up another issue of the series in the future.  I’d recommend it.  For the $2.99 cover price you don’t get a digital copy, but it’s still worth the read.

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