I can’t believe that’s a comic book movie! A look at Logan.

After managing to avoid spoilers since its release, I finally went and saw Logan.  To be perfectly honest, this was nothing like what I’d grown to expect from a comic book movie, and definitely nothing like what I’ve come to expect from an X-Men movie.  It was its own animal.  It stood out and above anything and everything else in its genre.  Quite simply it was amazing.

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There may be spoilers ahead, so be warned.

This movie was dark.  It carried a hopeless and gritty tone throughout, and the brief moment when you think that it was going to relent on you, that’s when it doubles down and goes for the feels.  This movie did not have the snappy comic lines, it didn’t have the bright costumes or little consequence when the violence started.  It very much carried a ‘no one gets out of this alive’ vibe throughout.  But it left just a sliver of light for you to remain hopeful and invested.

The film is set in 2029.  Hugh Jackman is back playing our titular hero, now an alcoholic driving a limo to pay for the medication needed by his sole remaining friend, Charles Xavier, played brilliantly by Patrick Stewart.  Jackman was excellent in this, but Stewart?  His portrayal of a fading and broken Xavier was utterly brilliant.  You can tell the two of them have been suffering for a long time, and the movie lets you in on snippets of why, but both are stubborn men that either can’t remember what happened, or refuse to.  Newcomer Daphne Keen plays Laura, the young mutant that shows up and gets the plot moving.  I was also impressed with her portrayal.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a performer express so much non-verbally and it was truly impressive, especially from a child actor.

As for the story, it was incredibly well paced and did a great job of taking you for a ride.  This movie is violent, so if you aren’t one for violence in film, don’t go.  But it also wasn’t violence for the sake of violence, or for laughs.  It moved the plot forward, and action carried consequence.

All told this was an excellent film.  I’ve always like Jackman’s portrayal of the character, but have found the X-men films to be anywhere from campy to downright terrible.  This one was different.  I honestly believe it to be award worthy.  Go check it out, sit back, and enjoy, but buyer beware, if you like happy endings, this film is ain’t for you.

3 thoughts on “I can’t believe that’s a comic book movie! A look at Logan.

  1. Yes! It might be a stretch, but I firmly believe Logan is awards worthy. So much substance and drama and story; it makes the X-Men films rather tame by comparison, perhaps even a wasted effort since they’re largely ensemble pieces with little room to define each character. Logan has plenty of room and leaves us wanting more, albeit in a bittersweet fashion. Excellent post!


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