Under the Sea – It is better down where it’s wetter!

This one is going to be a bit of a departure from what I normally write about, so please, bear with me and enjoy!

I am currently on holidays in Barbados, and having completed the ‘in the pool’ portion of my SCUBA certification, I needed to get into some open water and complete the rest.  What better place and time than where I am right now!  I booked the dive the day after arrival at The Dive Shop Ltd, and though I couldn’t get in for my Birthday yesterday, was able to get in for today.  They seemed a little cagey on the phone, but the reviews on trip advisor were fantastic, so I figured I’d go with it, also, they were just down the beach from a great beach spot for my family.  That way they could have some fun while I had even more fun!

I arrived at the shop just before 11:30 and they parked me in front of a DVD, apparently standard practice for tourists.  Once the DVD was done I met my Instructor, a very friendly guy named Kane(also mentioned positively in a LOT of the trip advisor reviews).  We had a quick chat, checked and got into our gear(carrying the fins) and headed down to the beach.  On the way we reviewed which skills we’d be going over, and given that it was just me there to dive, there’d be plenty of time for a fun dive!

Once in and into our fins, we began to snorkel over to the dive site, spotting a sea turtle within the first five minutes!  Once we reached the guide line, we descended, reviewed a couple of skills, and then the fun part of the dive began!

Carlisle Bay is full of shipwrecks, there being 6 in total.

download (12)

I had the opportunity to see 4 of them in our allotted time.  They were teeming with life.  The beginnings of a young reef could be seen all over these ships, and fish were everywhere!  I’ve snorkeled in Mexico and Hawaii, but I’ve never seen so many fish gathered in one place before!  We were able to swim around and over the wrecks, and able to go into an open area of one of the ships, I believe the Eillon.  It was completely mind blowing.  As well, there were eels everywhere!  From these guys:images (1)

To some other eels that Kane assured me via hand signals were ‘bitey’.

All told I was under the water for 43 minutes, and managed to get the first of four open water dives completed.  I was flattered to be called a ‘natural’, and while that may have something to do with me working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for thirteen years, I’d also like to give some credit to the awesome instructors at Platinum Scuba in Lethbridge Alberta.  If you’re in Southern Alberta and want to learn, go see Blaine and Rachel.  They’re awesome.

There, my first open water dive was a smashing success, and I can’t wait to get in again!


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