Underground Birthday

This year I got to experience my birthday in a somewhat different way.  Not just in another country, but 170 feet underground.  On our second day in the country I grew a year older, and in deference to the epic sunburn I’d earned the day before, we decided that maybe the beach wasn’t the best place to spend the day.  Instead we trekked to Harrison’s Cave, a natural formation that has been expanded upon and turned into an interesting tourist destination.

As we always do when travelling we utilized public transit.  This keeps me from driving on the wrong side of the road, and also means we do a fair bit of walking.  Hey, exercise is good!  On this particular trip we were offered a ride that we did accept from a complete stranger(no one lost a kidney, my life is not a horror movie), and got to the terminal to take the correct bus to the cave.  Upon arriving we quickly took the kids to the nearest washroom, something necessary after an hour-long bus trip, regardless of their protests.  Then we paid and took the elevator down into the gully.

Once into the gully we took in the greenery and headed into the interpretive center, which clearly needed some work, as certain features seemed to be out-of-order and no apparent rush was being made to fix them.  After that we took in a short informational video that was interesting and educational.  Two wins!  Then, it was time to hit the cave.  After a short delay, as the tram that they use to tour folks around had a flat.  Once the repair interlude was completed we hopped on the tram and into the cave we went!

The cave was incredibly humid, and if you do go here, you will get wet.  Water is constantly dripping from the ceiling, but after the bus trip we took, we didn’t care.  My five-year old daughter joked about not needing a shower later.  The tour was neat.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a cave, and that one was neither humid nor did it zip me around in a tram.  No, I had to walk during that experience.  The formations were beautiful.

For me the grand finale came when we reached a room they call the “Cathedral”.  The tour guide remarked that they had a choir on a tour once that sang in the chamber and the acoustics made it sound brilliant.  After determining that there we were not such a group she asked if it was anyone’s birthday.  My lucky day!  It actually was my birthday!  I quickly raised me hand, and the next thing I knew an entire tour full of strangers was singing me happy birthday deep underground.  Talk about a memorable experience!

The Cathedral

I’ll likely finish up my Bajan tour blogs when I get home, as I just won’t have time until then.  I’m definitely going to have to come back!

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