Recapping Barados

I spent the last week in the beautiful country of Barbados.  I had the opportunity to see new things, try new things, and eat new foods.  Everything travel should be!  So here goes on the recap:

Day 1

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and were picked up at the airport by the owners of the airbnb we’d rented.  If you choose to go the airbnb route for your own trip check them out at Hedge Cottage.  They were amazing.  My daughter really took to Pauline, colouring pictures for her on a couple of occasions and sitting in the swing with her and chatting.

My daughter and our host, Pauline.  They got along famously!

We basically spent the afternoon settling in and trying to get a little rest to prepare for the next day.

Day 2

Beach day!  We went down to Carlisle Bay and went swimming.  We also didn’t bring enough sun screen so I turned a brilliant shade of red.  The water was calm enough for the kids and felt great in the heat.  We topped the day off with some snow cones.

Day 3

Harrison’s Cave.  Also my birthday.  I wrote a blog about this previously here.

Day 4

Again to the beach!  It’s a Caribbean Island, where else are you going to go?  I also did the first of my open water dives towards my SCUBA certification.  Read about it here.

Day 5

We thought about heading to the wildlife preserve, but hadn’t quite figured out how to get there, so instead headed to the edge of Oistins to check out the markets and do a little walking with shirts on.  We ended the day at our usual beach because we took the wrong bus back to the area we were staying in.

Day 6

To the Wildlife Preserve!  We spent the day visiting the Barbados Wildlife Preserve, to see some of the country’s wildlife up close and personal.  We checked out the tortoises, birds, deer, and of course the monkeys!  The local farmers view the monkeys as pests, but us tourists?  We love them!

Day 7

Last full day, and where else would we spend it?  The beach of course!  I put my daughter in her life jacket and goggles, put on my snorkeling gear, and with her on my back we went out and looked at some of the fish in the bay.  My son played in the sand for the most part, but when you’re three and you get bowled over by a wave that’s taller than you, that’s a fair call to make.  Afterwards we went and checked out the Friday Fish Fry in Oistins.  I’ve never been a huge fan of fish, but wow.  This stuff was good.  I ate Swordfish, Barracuda, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, and Flying Fish.  We also got to see some of the largest turtles I’ve ever seen in my life off the nearby pier.  Just an awesome experience all around.

The whole crew at the Fish Fry in Oistins

Day 8

Departure.  We spent the morning out of the sun and packing.  The kids played in the huge yard at Hedge Cottage, and our amazing hosts gave us a ride back to the airport.

To sum it all up, Barbados was an amazing experience.  The people were incredibly friendly, at no point did I not feel safe, and the food was excellent!  The only real knock on the Island is the large amount of litter that is everywhere.  Otherwise the place is great.  The sand is soft, the sun is hot, and the water is crystal clear.  I’d go back in a heartbeat.

2 thoughts on “Recapping Barados

  1. I’m a great fan of Barbados always try to get there twice a year, a beautiful place where the locals are friendly


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