Stormtroopers Looking Cool: Star Wars #21

I bought this issue solely for the cover:

Star Wars 21

It looks just like a vintage propaganda poster.  The imagery of the Stormtroopers as strong defenders of the Empire, looking implacable is just breathtaking.  This cover is just plain beautiful.  There is also some really neat imagery:

Star Wars

The story itself comes from the perspective of a Stormtrooper.  He details why he loves the Empire, why he was drawn to become a Stormtrooper, and portrays the rebellion in a negative light.  To him the Imperials are liberators, having freed his world from slavery.  Stormtroopers were a vision of freedom, and became an ideal to aspire to.

The Rebels are terrorists in the eyes of our protagonist, and he spares them no quarter.  He views them as trying to destroy the one thing that has given his life meaning.  The fresh perspective on the Empire/Rebellion dynamic is really a nice touch, and creates a nice spin on the Star Wars narrative.

4 thoughts on “Stormtroopers Looking Cool: Star Wars #21

  1. I have every issue of the Marvel comics line that has been published so far since they took over from Dark Horse comics, and I think they are doing a very decent job with the franchise. The Darth Vader series is one of my favorites so far. Great post! 😊

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