Fun Fast and Furious, A look at Fate of the Furious


I checked out a Fast and the Furious film in the theater, for what might actually be the first time… I’m pretty sure I’ve either rented or streamed all the other ones(and haven’t actually seen the third one).  Oh well.  I was pretty excited to check this one out, as Fast 7 was one hell of a fun film, and I was hoping 8 would deliver as well.

The verdict?  Not as good as 7, but still worth seeing.

This franchise has a remarkable ability to add new characters and have them fit in almost seamlessly.  Joining the good guys this time?  Last episodes villain, played by Jason Statham.  His inclusion with the good guys didn’t seem forced, and the guy had excellent chemistry with The Rock.  The two of them played really well off each other.  Ludacris and Tyrese continued to provide some excellent comic relief, riffing between friends that comes across as very genuine.  The only one really missing that kind of riffing partner seemed to be Vin Diesel, who with a temporary turn as the reluctant antagonist, was missing his wingman from the previous films in Paul Walker.

The film makes excellent use of the visual backdrop of its locales,  from Cuba to Iceland(doubling as Russia).  Having been to Cuba, the Cuban scenes really resonated with me, and I felt that they captured a bit of the feel of Havana(you should visit, amazing city).  Since this franchise went ‘international’ it’s really become a lot more fun to watch.

The action scenes were fun, nothing that really exceeded some of the over the top stuff in the previous films, but it was still a blast to watch, and made for an engaging film.  This movie is a pure action blockbuster.  Shut off your brain, enjoy the just over two hours(none of which drags), and turn your brain back on when you’re done.  I’m honestly hoping for a sequel.

One thought on “Fun Fast and Furious, A look at Fate of the Furious

  1. Great review, and totally agree with everything you wrote😊 Part 7 was the better movie, but then again it was very hard to top that one. As for sequels you will be happy to know, that part 9 and 10 are in the works 😀


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