American Gods Episode 2

I enjoyed the first episode, so I decided to watch the second as well.  It opens in the cargo hold of a slave ship, with a slave praying to his God, Anansi, to save him.  Anansi, portrayed by Orlando Jones shows up and quickly riles up the slaves and has them kill their captors and burn the ship.  The sequence ends with him in spider form crawling off the wreckage and onto the shore of America, showing how another god arrived on North American soil.


The one thing that continues to strike me about this show is the visuals.  How scenes are paced and the effective use of colour to draw your eye where the director wants it to go makes this show a very interesting one to watch, visually.  The acting continues to be excellent, and the story continues to be a strong adaptation of the source material.

This episode we see Shadow in the aftermath of his rescue from his attackers at the end of the previous one, but the identity of who, or what saved him is kept hidden.  His interactions with Mr. Wednesday continue to be the engine that drives the show, and the two actors play well off each other.  We can see Shadow start to realize he’s in a new world(or old as the case is here), but not quite grasping what he’s gotten into.

I’m looking forward to episode 3!

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