American Gods: Episode 3

Three episodes in and I’m still enjoying the series.  The two leads continue to be solid, and we are finally starting to get a sniff of what Mr Wednesday might actually be planning.  Gods and supernatural beings continue to be introduced(some more graphically than others), and I’m getting more and more curious as to how it will all draw together.

This episode sees Shadow start to get a hint that he might be more than just an ex-con, in a sequence where is appears he has made it snow, when the forecast was for clear skies and warm weather.  As well we get a hint of what Mr Wednesday’s plan involves:  War.  We discover that he is driven by a deep fear that he will be forgotten, and the war that he is planning will keep that from happening.  It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

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This show also contains some pretty intense and interesting sex scenes, some(in the first two episodes especially) that seem like they are trying to both shock the viewer and draw them in.  They don’t seem to be the primary focus of the show, and seem purposeful, so I’m curious how the characters introduced in these scenes are going to be brought into the main plot.

It continues to be a visually stunning show, and has managed to stay true to the spirit of the novel, if not the actual story(it’s been a while since I’ve read it).  I’m going to keep tuning in and keep reviewing as the season goes on, let’s see if I can keep going for the whole thing!


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