American Gods Episode 4 – The Prequel Episode

If you can’t guess from the title, this episode is a prequel of sorts to the first episode.  It begins with Shadow’s wife Laura just before they met.  She is working in a dead-end job as a dealer in the local casino, living a life with no meaning.  Before meeting Shadow she even attempts suicide.  The two of them meet when she stops Shadow from trying to cheat at her table.  This leads to the two of them getting together and shows their relationship evolve with Laura growing steadily more disconnected and unhappy.

download (14)
Actress Emily Browning as Laura Moon

It shows her reaction to his imprisonment for taking the rap for a joint con against her employer.  Of course if you watched episode  one you’re aware of what she ends up doing and how that turns out for her.  What we are shown is what happens from the point of her burial on.

She was the one who saved Shadow at the end of the first episode.  Even from Laura’s perspective, the scene is full of colour and a sort of gory beauty.  This show continues to have some wonderful and truly vibrant colour choices that it employs quite well and in small doses, which maximizes the effect.  We also learn that since coming back from the dead that she is tied to Shadow, as she sees him as her own private sun of sorts.

She spends the rest of the episode putting her self back together, literally, and seeking out her husband.

All told it was a pretty good episode, and fleshed out the background of Shadow quite well, all from the perspective of his wife, who had previously appeared primarily in flashbacks.

I’m looking forward to the next episode!

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