This Blog is Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy 16

download (15)I picked this one up primarily because it looked relatively kid friendly.  I just wanted something to share with my kids.  In a Groot based issue language isn’t going to be an issue, and it likely won’t have much in the way of a lot of violence or mature themes.

I was pleasantly surprised!  This issue was a lot of fun.  There isn’t a lot in the way of dialogue, but that isn’t needed.  The story is told in a really fun sort of meter, and is something I’ve never really seen in a comic book before.  It was really just fun to read!  I enjoyed the way it sounded when I read it to my kids.  Brian Michael Bendis did an excellent job writing this issue.

I also really enjoyed the art as well.  Lots of greens and earth tones without feeling somber.  It felt more… alive.  As well, I enjoyed that it wasn’t hyper realistic, it was somewhat cartoony.  Overall it just fit so well together for a quick and fun stand alone story.


Speaking of, apparently the Guardians of the Galaxy are stranded on Earth.  This issue, as mentioned above, is focused on Groot and one of his adventures.  He stops a robbery, is misunderstood(as only a giant walking tree that can speak three words can be), and makes a new friend.

So, if you’re looking for a kid friendly issue, or one that’s just fun to read, check it out!

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