Today was Wonder Woman Day. Who Knew?

So I took the kids to the local comic shop today to look around.  My son runs straight to the vintage arcade games and pretends to play(1943 is still awesome), and my daughter looks at all the comics, mostly for things like Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Wonder Woman, occasionally she’ll ask about Batgirl or Groot.

Today, one of the staff asked her who her favourite superhero was, to which she replied “Wonder Woman”.  She first decided she liked Wonder Woman when she picked up a free sampler at Halloween for DC’s Superhero Girls line, and then used her allowance to buy the Lego Friends (16)  Although the set has long since been dismantled and added to the Lego bucket, that mini-fig is still her favourite.  Batgirl is a close second.

Anyway, to continue the story.  At this point the proprietor asks her if she’d like some comics, and of course my daughter answers ‘Yes’.  She wants lots of things!  He then pops back to the counter for a second, and grabs two comics and a button.  All of which are Wonder Woman.  All of which are free too, which makes Dad happy.  My 5 year old is delighted.  She now has not one, but two Wonder Woman comics.

The Haul

After a quick review to ensure there’s no gratuitous violence or anything incredibly inappropriate(there isn’t), we’re ready to go.  Once we get out to the car however, we have a problem:  My son wants a button too.  So I quickly pop back in and grab one.  No fuss, no muss, and a good time and experience was had by all.  If you’re in Lethbridge pop into Kapow Comics, Cards, and Games.

4 thoughts on “Today was Wonder Woman Day. Who Knew?

  1. Nope did not know that it was wonderwoman day 😊 I have always been more of a Marvel fan myself, but lately I am enjoying DC comics a lot as well. I’m slowly learning more about these characters, and I just know that when I see the movie in two weeks (it comes out here than), I’m sure I’m going to spending some time reading her comics. This was a fun post, glad you had a great time 😀

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