American Gods Episode 5

download (19)This episode picks up right where the last ended.  Shadow walks into his hotel room to find his dead wife Laura waiting for him.  It is thematically darker than the previous episode, albeit with far less gore or violence.  It is less sexually charged as well.

Shadow and Laura have a pretty interesting conversation.  He’s mad because she cheated on him, and she is trying to win him back over, telling him that dying made her realize how much she under-appreciated him, and how much he means to her.

Wednesday and Shadow both end up getting arrested, being brought to a police station where the officers are soon all killed off-screen and the new gods show up.  We meet their leader, Mr World, played by Crispin Glover.  Man, can this guy ever play menacing.  He just oozes threat, not even needing to speak, just using subtle shifts in body language to get across just how dangerous he can be.   I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

All in all this is a good episode.  I’m starting to like Laura more as a character, as she seems to be far more interesting as a walking corpse trying to find out who and what she is than she ever was as a living being.  I’m enjoying the pacing of the story, and am loving how well this show is cast.

Bring on the rest!

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