Moon Girl and Girl Moon

So I’m going to change-up how I review comics, to add a little more structure and flow, and to keep my ideas a little more organized.  I’m going to break them down into cover, story, and art.  I hope you all like it!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #19

My second issue in this series, also picked out by my daughter.  Just as good as the last, and without any further adieu, here we go!

The Cover

download (21)

The cover fits the tone of this book really well.  It’s clearly aimed at a younger demographic, and doesn’t carry any violent or sexual undertones(obviously).  It gives off a feel of fun and whimsy, and does a great job giving you an idea of what you’re likely going to find inside.  Where else are you going to find a little girl, a dinosaur, and an anthropomorphised planet in one space(or in space for that matter)?  I like the look of it, and it gives a good representation of the story.  It does everything a comic cover should do.


The Art

The art in this book is very much in the style of the cover.  It’s not one of those books where what you see on the cover is radically different from what you’ll find inside.  Natacha Bustos and Tamra Bonvillain create a warm story in their images, with a lot of good fun, warm and exciting colour.  It’s art that doesn’t knock my socks off, but it compliments and fits the material seamlessly.  I dig it.

Moon Girl

The Story

The story begins with Lunella working on a science project for school, and as she’s bored to tears(being the world’s smartest person and being stuck in elementary school will do that), Lunella turns her project to 11.  This leads to her making contact with a lost and lonely alien in outer space.  The rest of the story revolves around her building a ship and eventually finding the lost girl in space, only to discover she’s a Moon!  This is issue 1 of a 5 issue arc, so it looks like it could be a lot of fun!

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