American Gods Episode 6

This is the episode where everything starts to come together.  We see the man who encountered the Djinn in episode 3(Salim) meet up with Laura and Mad Sweeney(the Leprechaun).  Which is setting aside the one fear I had that things were happening for sensationalist purposes, with no thought to plot.  I’m also enjoying the banter between Laura and Mad Sweeney.  They curse back and forth like sailors, but I’ll be damned if it’s not fun to watch.

images (2)
Vulcan at his forge

Wednesday and Shadow meet up with Vulcan, god of the forge, who has taken up residence in a small town, taking semi-annual sacrifices to keep his power at the cost of the odd worker in his arms factory.  It’s neat seeing how some gods have adapted in this universe.


Between the two arcs in this episode I preferred Laura, Mad Sweeney and Salim.  Their story in this episode had good moments of humour, and really just seemed to develop the characters a lot more.  They didn’t do much to advance the plot, but they did draw me in, and I want to see where they go next.

Wednesday and Shadow were a little dryer, and a lot darker.  The episode ends with Wednesday cursing Vulcan for betraying their location to the New Gods, and with Shadow in a state of confusion, but then he’s been there since episode 2 or 3.  I’m just hoping he starts to clue in a bit more soon.  We’ll see.  There are two episodes left in season 1, and it feels a long way from its conclusion thus far.


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