American Gods Episode 7

This episode opens with the tale of how Mad Sweeney, the Leprechaun, came to America.  He is brought to America by the faith of an Irish girl, who had grown up with tales of the fey folk and brought them with her.  This Irish girl becomes an accomplished thief, all the while leaving offerings for the leprechaun’s, until one day her offerings cease, and the law catches up to her.  She ends up on a ship to America, exiled for life, and she brings her tales and her beliefs with her.

download (23)
Mad Sweeney, King of the leprechaun’s

This is interspersed with Laura and Mad Sweeney travelling to the gathering of the gods, as well as a brief mention that he is joining Wednesday in his war to seek redemption for the cowardice in his past.  The two continue to grow their relationship, and the interaction between the characters of Laura and Mad Sweeney is one of the brightest spots of the show.

I also have to say that the music in this episode was great.  Some old fifties style love songs, as well as some Celtic instrumentals.  It really added a neat atmosphere to the story.

We also learned a neat plot piece to the story:  Laura’s death was commissioned by Wednesday, and the accident was facilitated by Mad Sweeney himself.  It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out!

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