Invincible Iron Man #7

Sorry for the break between blogs.  Summer has had a busy start.  I’m going to dive back in with a comic I picked up a month or so ago, Iron Man #7.  Only Tony Stark is an A.I., and Iron Man is a young woman named Riri Williams.  I completely missed when and why this happened, but as long as the story is decent who cares, right?

The Cover

images (3)The cover looks like this issue is going to contain a heck of a fight, with Riri coming up short, perhaps disastrously so.  For a book that reads really hopeful and as an analogy of learning via mistakes, this is a pretty dark cover.  It really undersells a lot of what happens in the book.  That said, it looks great!  I love the broken armor in the rain laying next to a discarded children’s shoe.  It sparks a real ominous tone and teases a big fight, or at least the aftermath of one.  Stefano Caselli and Marte Gracia put together a solid cover.  Well done!


The Art

The art in the book is good.  Nothing spectacular, but clean and not leaving you trying to squint or figure out who various characters are.  It’s not overly detailed, but not minimalist.  It works.  Caselli and Gracia put together a nice looking book.

Iron Man

The Story

So, the story.  It doesn’t connect that well with the cover, as I was expecting something a little darker.  Although the issue does contain a battle with Will O’ the Wisp(a villain I’ve never heard of), in which Riri gets thoroughly thrashed, where she is concerned this isn’t a dark issue at all.    She gets beaten, the Stark A.I. whisks her away to safety, and she gets a pep talk telling her to make mistakes now so she doesn’t when her life, and maybe others are on the line.  This really felt like a filler issue.  A little adventure, a little character building, but not much added to any defined arc.  Until the end.  Then all hell breaks loose:

Iron man 2

We get to witness a human bomb sent from Latveria seemingly blow up Sharon Carter, the Executive Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Good finish to an issue that, storywise, kind of felt flat. That, and the story continues in Infamous Iron Man #8.

Was this issue a buy?  If you’re a regular to the series and a Riri Williams and Iron Man fan, yes.  If you’re more of a casual reader you may want to spend your cash on something else.

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