American Gods Episode 8

So this is it, the end of the first season.

american gods

The episode begins with Mr. Nancy making a suit, while two clients, who turn out to be Shadow and Wednesday wait.  Nancy quickly becomes bored and begins to recount the story of Bilquis’ journey to America.  This short story of Mr. Nancy’s does more to characterize Bilquis than any of her previous appearances.  The narration and music throughout the story does a great job of both advancing the story and fleshes it out.

They next travel to the home of Ostara, during an Easter celebration, at which Wednesday makes an attempt to recruit her and we see numerous versions of Jesus Christ.  The image of Jesus sitting on the surface of a pool and quietly cursing when the glass he sets down on the water sinks to the bottom is quite funny.  Shortly after this the action picks up, as the New Gods arrive.

Wednesday’s name is revealed and Shadow finds faith… just in time for his wife to show up, and she knows who is responsible for her death.

The season ends about half way through the book – I am a little hazy on this as it has been a while.  But I am quite looking forward to seeing how the next season plays out.  I want to see the role Bilquis is going to play, if the Djinn returns, and how the conflict plays out on the small screen.  This show has very much been a slow build, and the change of pace from a lot of what I usually watch is part of why I enjoy it so much.

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