Spiderman: Homecoming A reboot with no Uncle Ben

Spidey Homecoming

I finally watched Spiderman: Homecoming, but am having a hard time thinking of how to describe it without comparing it to the other Spiderman movies I’ve seen, I’m not going to bother trying.  The movie was good, better than Civil War and Age of Ultron, but maybe not as good as Doctor Strange or Ant Man.  But it was definitely better than Spider Man 3 or Amazing Spider Man 2.  I felt it wasn’t quite as good as Spider Man 1 or 2, but those were the modern proto-types of the superhero movie, so that’s not a diss.

Where to start?  Well, it doesn’t have a mess of villains like both Amazing Spider Man 2 and Spiderman 3 had.  We have one solid villain, which I felt helped to keep the movie focused.  Part of why I felt the aforementioned movies were weaker was because of a lack of one singular threat.  It made it difficult to understand or even care what the villain’s motivations were, and if the movie doesn’t care about the villain, why should we care?  Spiderman 1 and 2 didn’t have this problem.  We had one villain that was relatively clear in their motivations, and I found The Vulture to be relatable in a manner similar to Doc Ock in Spiderman 2.  That, and Michael Keaton was just plain excellent.download (13)

I like Tom Holland in the role too.  He was a strong Spiderman, and a good Peter Parker.  Whereas I felt Maguire was a great Peter Parker and a weaker Spiderman, and Andrew Garfield was an excellent Spiderman, but a weak Peter Parker.  I thought Holland did a great job of translating Peter into more of a modern ‘nerd’, and did a good job of making the character believable.  I also really enjoyed his Spiderman.  He really was excellent at showing his excitement at being a hero, and I thought that did a lot to bring me into the movie.

This movie was also really well cast.  I didn’t rate it as highly as Doctor Strange or Ant Man, as I found it to be more of an Avengers movie, largely due to the inclusion of Tony Stark, and some of the in school videos of Captain America.  Not that that is a bad thing, but I liked those two films because they felt like something a little different, that they weren’t as constrained by the previously built up canon.  Marisa Tomei was great as Aunt May, and I really liked the new take on the character, especially the last scene of the movie.  Hell, it was even nice to see John Favreau again.

All told this was a good re-boot to Spiderman.  For the films I’ve seen(all but ASM 1), I’d say it’s the 3rd best.  Go check it out.



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