Things to do in Lethbridge: Western Major League Baseball!

Earlier today I took my 3-year-old son to his first baseball game, also, I think the first I’ve ever been to.  We took in an afternoon game between the Lethbridge Bulls and Medicine Hat Mavericks.  Normally I am not a fan of baseball.  I find the game to be boring and lacking in action.  As all my previous experience is with televised MLB, the live experience was an eye opener.  The Lethbridge Bulls and the staff at Spitz Stadium do an excellent job in creating a fun, and affordable family experience.

The field is beautiful, and accessible.  It is surprisingly easy to get some decent seats for cheap that get you really close to the action.  I’m not sure if there is a bad seat in Spitz Stadium.  The place is clean, and very family friendly.

Our view of the field

You are also able to move around and find some great places to stand and see the action up close and from different sight lines.  We were able to get a great view of the action at home plate while walking to and from the concession.  My son loved it, as he actually got to see what was going on.


What’s the best part of a game for a kid?  Getting their own ball!  These are pretty easy to come by at Bulls games, as my son had one within a few minutes.  Other than the ice cream, freezies, and hot dogs, I think this was his favourite part of the day.  He played with it for the rest of the day!


The last thing I want to talk about is the quality of the players.  Not necessarily in terms of skill – don’t get me wrong, they have some great players in this league, but I want to talk about something I witnessed at the game today involving a player for Medicine Hat and a young fan.  The young fan in question had caught a foul ball, and had an older kid take it from him.  The Maverick player stepped in and personally gave this poor young fan a new ball!  Talk about going the extra mile.  We also got to witness how accessible the players are.  At the end of the game all the players come to the fence and make themselves available for the fans.IMG_20170723_175509  They sign balls, bats, jerseys, it’s just nice to see.  My son got his ball signed by Pitcher Brady Moxham.  My little guy was amazed that he got to interact with a player, though I don’t know if he truly gets how rare this is in sports nowadays.  Needless to say I was impressed.  The Bulls, the staff at Spitz Stadium, and the WMBL do a great job in creating a great experience.  If you can take a game in where you are, or travel to a city that they play in, check it out and have fun!


In case you were wondering the Bulls won!

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