Fun in Lethbridge: Ribfest 2017!

We were looking for something to do this long weekend and my wife let me know that ‘Ribfest’ would be in town.  I was immediately in.  Who doesn’t love ribs?  The event was set up in Galt Gardens in the heart of downtown.  There have been numerous events there this summer, a Father’s Day event, a Jazz Festival, and a Caribbean Festival just to name the ones I’ve been too.  This is just a great venue for outdoor events.

There was a lot to do as well.  Bouncers for kids; food, beer gardens and live music for adults, and of course on a day that was above 30 C, the fountain in the south-east corner of the park.  Given the heat, this is where we spent most of the afternoon.  The kids had a blast, and when they were sufficiently cooled off, asked to go on the bouncers.

The food.  The smell of charcoal and bbq saturated the park.  It was downright glorious.  There were several trucks to choose from, each with similar offerings, and lists of their accomplishments plastered all over their trucksIMG_20170902_152634.jpg.  These people know what they’re doing.  I think it would have been impossible to make a bad choice on the food, but we settled for a combo that was a mix of chicken, ribs and coleslaw, as well as $5 lemonades.  The food was very reasonably priced, as the same thing in a restaurant would easily have been $10 more.  We chose Blazin BBQ.  Their ribs were amazing, and the awards they’ve won were well-earned.IMG_20170902_152626

As well, they had some live music from time to time.  I’m pretty sure it was local artists, but I was busy eating ribs and watching my kids play in the fountain, so I could have missed something.  Regardless, it was smaller acts that were playing, and the one that was on while we were there was pretty damn good.IMG_20170902_160307

All in all, I would have to say that if an event like this is happening near you, do yourself a favour and attend.  It’s worth it for the smells alone.

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