The Mighty Thor#22: Warrior and Humanitarian.

My first Thor comic.  I’d heard Marvel had replaced the original Thor with a female character, and subsequently that some people lost their minds.  I’m not one of them.  Let’s get to it!

The Cover


This books cover is just vibrant.  Full of bright pinks, greens and blues it immediately catches the eye.  Then you get into the details.  Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson did a great job creating a cover that is eye-catching and also full of detail.  This thing pops at you!

The Art

This book looks good, especially Sindr.  Valerio Schiti does 99% of the work here and makes this fire goddess look both seductive and dangerous.  Both Thor’s’ look good, as do all the fire goblins.  The only things that don’t look awesome are Loki and Malekith, but they aren’t in it for long.  This book is full of fire and conflict, and the colouring team did a great job.  All in all, it looks good!

Thor 2

The Story

So, I jumped into the deep end on this one.  Apparently there are multiple Thors, as it is now a title bestowed by the hammer Mjolnir.  I’m cool with this.  Apparently multiple hammers, as there is a second from an alternate dead universe.  Also cool.  The Thor with the primary Marvel Universe Mjolnir is female, but both a complete badass and a paragon of honour, going so far as to save the child of Sindr from the grief mad and vengeance obsessed other Thor.  Excellent.  Though I am clearly missing out a lot on where the story is in The Mighty Thor series, I found this to be a fun issue to jump in on, and I like this Thor.  She’s honourable and tough as nails.  She’s what Thor should be.  I would definitely recommend it, though I think I would advise buying a few of the previous issues too.

7 thoughts on “The Mighty Thor#22: Warrior and Humanitarian.

  1. I completely agree! I’ve loved Thor since I was a kid and have read the comics, off and on, for years. This is easily my all-time favorite incarnation of the character/story arc to follow through the title. I’m glad you’re enjoying her too. Yay for the MIGHTY THOR!

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    1. This is NOT an “incarnation” of the character. She is NOT Thor. Thor is the god who was born with that name. Thor is the god who owns these powers and is prince of Asgard something which CANNOT be transferred. That’s the biggest problem with this story. If she was “Thor” she wouldn’t die when she let’s go of the hammer. She wouldn’t be mortal. Done.

      She’s not Thor no matter what Aaron tries and I’m SO happy that the REAL Thor is only becoming more and more popular with the World wide audiences cementing his status as the ONLY Thor while decimating Jane Foster’s “legacy” cuz 115,000 people read her book (and most likely buy two issues every month) while MILIONS love and know THOR ODINSON. Bye bye fake. Good riddance. Your death can’t come soon enough loser!


      1. I always thought, and I believe in the earlier issues of the series that Donald Blake was only bestowed with the powers of Thor when he held Mjolnir. I know there’s been a lot of retconning in the intervening years, but I personally liked her as Thor. It made for interesting stories. I also really enjoy the Odinson, and feel that his unworthy arc has made him a far more interesting character. Eventually Marvel will have to whittle down the Thors, as frankly I would posit that there are too many of them. We know that the Odinson will likely be the last standing as the one true Thor, but I just want to see a good story to get him there.


      2. First, it seems odd to me that you’d want to belittle my opinion. Why the anger? Why the aggression? I simply stated my personal opinion of a comic character. You clearly like Odinson the best; that’s fine. But art is subjective. You’re arguing as though we’re discussing objective truths, not personal preferences. You can’t be “right” nor can I be “wrong.” That’s not how art works nor how it’s ever worked.

        Second, even though you may not like it, she is a legitimate incarnation of the comic character. Yes, Thor, the god, is a product of Norse mythology. So yes, that Thor isn’t a title that’s passed around. But I don’t think that’s who you’re a fan of as we’ve never seen that Thor in Marvel’s comics or movies. If you were a “Thor the god” purest you’d have to be content only with the ancient myths and reject everything Marvel’s done. In the myths Thor always had red hair, always had a beard, and was certainly not from an alien species. So no Thor comic has ever depicted “Thor the god,” just Marvel’s take on the Norse myth.

        Third, Marvel’s take on Thor that we see in the comics is a title that can be passed on. Going back to the very beginning of the character, the simple fact that Mjolnir says, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor…” points to the reality that the power of Thor is not exclusively the Odinson’s. It belongs to those who can lift Mjolnir.

        Of course Jane was never going to be Thor forever, just as Eric Masterson, Beta Ray Bill, and Dargo Kytor weren’t. Her relinquishing the title has nothing to do with being a “loser.” It’s the natural arc of the story.

        Lastly, your anger seems both surprising and unfounded. Did you have the same sort of ire when Beta Ray Bill had the hammer? Or Eric Masterson? Or Dargo Kitor? If so, at least you’re consistent. If not it might be worth considering why a woman holding this hammer is so threatening to your worldview. “Bye bye fake. Good riddance. Your death can’t come soon enough loser!” is an angry child’s response, a playground taunt. It’s certainly not a healthy way to have a conversation and has no place in a discussion of the narratives that resonate with any particular reader. And again, those are (and can only be) subjective. You can’t be “right” about what is “the best” approach to a fictional character. You can only state what you like. Your preference in no way, shape, or form invalidates another’s.

        So I’d ask, in the future, you celebrate your passion but realize that everyone else has just as much a right to their’s too. I’d also encourage you to treat other’s with the same love and respect you’d like yourself. After all, that is the Golden Rule for a reason.

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      3. This says it all: “You can’t be “right” about what is “the best” approach to a fictional character. You can only state what you like. Your preference in no way, shape, or form invalidates another’s.” You are 100% right!

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