Inhumans: Was it Really as Bad as the Initial Reviews?

I sat down and watched the two-part series opener, mostly out of curiosity.  It had been receiving terrible reviews, but I wanted to check it out anyway.  I wanted to see if this was just a critical backlash or if there was really something to it.  First off, this show is on network television, so it won’t have the harder edge that the Netflix Marvel shows have.  Secondly, it’s about the Inhumans, who I honestly know very little about.  I think I may have two or three comics that include them at all, and I think those were Fantastic Four issues from the 1990’s.


The characters are tough to peg down.  I only really liked Maximus(played by Game of Thrones Iwan Rheon), Karnak(Ken Leung), and Gorgon(Eme Ikwuakor).  Even then, Gorgon took most of the opener to appear likeable.  Most of the other characters felt flat.  Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans was flat and expressionless, and given that the character doesn’t speak, is a recipe for disaster.  Medusa(Serinda Swan) got better as the show went on, seemingly weighed down by the C.G. hair that is her power.  Once her head got shaved her acting improved tenfold, almost as if she was receiving terrible direction on how to act around the characters’ hair.  The rest of the characters really seemed uninteresting and flat.  I’ll try the next episode, but if it doesn’t pick up I’ll probably tune out.

This was a show that I was actually hoping would be good, but early reviews seem to be a pretty good indicator of it being the opposite.  It probably didn’t help that I fell asleep part way through and had to start over when I woke up.  Or that ABC is billing it as “The Complete Series”.  Unlike with Constantine from a couple of years back I don’t think the blame from this can go to the network(ABC is a much better network than NBC), but the production quality just isn’t there.

I really hope it gets better.

3 thoughts on “Inhumans: Was it Really as Bad as the Initial Reviews?

  1. Well a series that gets cancelled even before it’s complete usually isn’t very good. A real shame if you ask me. It certainly could have turned into a very cool series, if it had been treated well. I can’t judge on it yet, as it isn’t airing here currently. But with so many bad reviews, I’m inclined to believe them.

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