Justice League Kids? A Look at What May Be.


The Cover

This cover, by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair has a lot of what I like about the current Justice League:  Lots of vibrant colour, action, and the suggestion of conflict within!  I like the tease that the League will be fighting their future children, in fact that tease is exactly why I picked up this issue.  My hope was that it had a bit of a livelier story than the last issue I picked up, and in a way, it did.

The Art

Fernando Pasarin does the pencils on this one, and the characters all look good.  There’s nothing overly flashy, gritty or discordant.  It just does a good job of illustrating the story.  I even liked the bluish hue to the flash-forward as the kids are telling their story.IMG_20171005_203955

The Story

Although not much happens in this book, I loved the way the Justice League interact with and react to their future offspring.  There’s a real charm to the reactions of Barry Allen and Jessica Cruz that is quite endearing, and their kids were the liveliest of the bunch.  Basically we get the rundown as to why they’re in the present.IMG_20171005_203931  Bryan Hitch uses the flash-forward to have them tell their story via hologram from Cyborg’s son, and it carries a sense of darkness, fear and desperation in it.  We are told that the Justice League disappeared in the aftermath of a brutal super-human war, and the Sovereign stepped into the void left behind.  It also hinted that not all is as it seems with the kids, and the rest of this arc could be a pretty interesting one, especially with the last character from the future that arrives in the final few panels.

I’d recommend this one, as it’s a good read, and a decent jump in point for a casual reader.




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