The Gifted Series Premiere

The GiftedI watched the premiere of the other new Marvel series last week, and wanted to give this one a go, despite not really enjoying Inhumans.  There are several differences between the two shows, with Inhumans taking place in the Marvel cinematic universe, and The Gifted taking place in the X-men universe.

Though the show takes place in the X-men universe, and is centered around mutants, the X-men are absent.  They, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are both name-dropped as missing.  Mutants are by and large on the run, and the story begins with one of them, Blink, fleeing from the authorities.  She is rescued by a group of mutants running a sort of mutant underground railway, but their leader, Polaris, is captured in the rescue.

The prosecutor that meets with Polaris to advise her of the charges she would be facing soon finds himself turning to the mutant underground for help, as his children are both revealed to be mutants.


This show seems to be stronger than Inhumans in almost every way.  The writing, acting and effects are all stronger.  The actors appear to be invested in their characters, the effects of their powers look good, and none of the sets are cringe-worthy(like the moon sets from Inhumans).  The show feels like it has legs, like actual effort was invested in it.  I know Fox has earned a lot of criticism for how they’ve handled a lot of the X-Universe, but it seems like they’ve gotten something right here.  The feel of the show is good, and it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to force anything.  I’m planning on keeping up with this one!


2 thoughts on “The Gifted Series Premiere

  1. The show is going to premiere here next thursday, and from what I have seen for it, and the early reviews I read, it sounds like it will be a show I definitely want to check out. Great post! 😀


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