Generation X #11 – The First Comic I bought with my own Money.


The Cover

This cover was one of my first exposures to Chris Bachalo’s work.  It just looks awesome.  Chamber looks powerful and dangerous, and this immediately caught my eye.  I still remember how excited I was to pick this issue up, and it led me to collect this title for several years.  I still have a soft spot for Chamber, but maybe will look up some of the more recent titles the character shows up in.

The Art

I am a little disappointed the whole book wasn’t done by Bachalo, but he must have had a month off?  Regardless, the pencils for this issue were done by Val Semekis, who does a pretty damn good job.  I really liked the opening two page spread showing how damaged Chamber is from when his powers first manifested, and Omega Red looks pretty badass as well.  All in all, this is a good 90’s book.IMG_20171009_074350



The Story

This is the second part of a two-part story begun in issue 10.  It’s been a while so I’m not completely up to speed as to what happened in that issue, but we get to see Chamber chasing down Omega Red to avenge the defeat of his team.  Of course, it’s a mid 90’s book so no one dies(not an anniversary issue), but it did provide a great outlet for Scott Lobdell to show just how powerful Chamber could be.IMG_20171009_074426  He is immune to Omega Red’s powers, as he doesn’t breathe, which gives him a slight edge, and facing him solo, allows him to cut loose without having to worry about anyone around him being hurt.  I’ve always been a fan of the Chamber-centric stories, mostly due to how cool he can look in the hands of a good artist.  The B-story takes place in Banshee’s memory, showing his first encounter with Omega Red, prior to the enhancements that are his coils.  It shows a darker side to Banshee, and made me appreciate the character a little more, as he wasn’t just the good guy with the irish accent, he was a complex character.  All in all I dug this book, and it kept me in comics for the next three or four years before I drifted away from them.  I’m glad I still have it!

4 thoughts on “Generation X #11 – The First Comic I bought with my own Money.

  1. GENERATION X!!!! Aaaaahhh, this takes me back!!! I loved this comic when I was a kid too. Wow, I’ll have to pull some of those old issues out of their box and give them a read for old time’s sake. This was excellent.


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