Batman: The Red Death

Ever wondered what it would be like if Batman had the powers of The Flash and was evil?  This issue provides the details, and it’s not good!

The Cover

Jason Fabok and Dean White do the honours here, and it looks downright menacing.  The titular Red Death appears front and center, a dark mesh of Batman and the Flash, running through a field of skulls and surrounded by lightning.  If that doesn’t speak to villainy, I don’t know what does!IMG_20171014_001552  It also comes with a reflective cover, one of the things that was perhaps overdone in the 90’s, but I think it looks great.  It’s a great cover for a book with an interesting premise.

The Art

The art in this book is done by Carmine Di Giandomenico, and at times appears very gritty, at other times very clean.  The first full shot we get of The Red Death is great, as he looks very menacing, although this is aided by the visual of him tearing Scarecrow in half:img_20171014_002248.jpgThe Red Death looks great.  He appears to have the best parts of both Batman and The Flash, and looks threatening from the get-go.  Everything in this book is in a sickly sort of red, although the mere presence of this character is making his environment sick.  I like it.

The Story

This is a tie-in to DC’s Metal storyline, and The Red Death is one of the Dark Multi-verse Batmen brought into the main universe to wreak havoc.  This tells us where he came from.  Bruce Wayne is slowing down, and demanding The Flash give him the speed force. IMG_20171014_002240 While Batman ultimately defeats the Flash, his attempt to take the speed force from him results in the creation of The Red Death, an amalgamation of the men, with Batman being the dominant figure.  He then comes to the regular DC Universe, as his is collapsing, and faces off and defeats first Wally West, and then Barry Allen, with Barry only escaping with his life due to the interference of Dr. Fate.  This is the first book of the Dark Universe Batmen, and a good kick off to the introductions.  If you can find it, I’d recommend picking it up.

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