Batman: The Murder Machine

This is the second standalone title in the Metal cross-over, covering the dark multiverse origin of The Murder Machine, a combination of Batman and Cyborg.

The Cover

It’s very colourful for starters.  Lots of bright blues, pinks and purples.  It features The Murder Machine himself standing atop a tank of some sort taking out the Justice League.  Jay Fabok and Brad Anderson put together a pretty compelling first impression for this issue.IMG_20171014_225616

The Art

The art in this book is done by Riccardo Federici, who does a great job differentiating between the two story threads in the book.  Brighter colours for the present day regular universe, and a more subdued, greyer colour scheme for the dark universe origin story.  It looks good and it works really well with the story.


The Story

This book moves between two threads, the first in the regular universe details Cyborg’s encounter with The Murder Machine, and the second showing the villain’s origin.  Frank Tieri and James Tynion IV tell a great story, and the origin of the Murder Machine is downright tragic.  I am noticing a trend with Bruce feeling his aging body beginning to fail him and needing to compensate with other powers, in the previous book with the Flash, and now with Cyborg.  In the modern arc we watch as the Dark Universe Murder Machine systematically takes Cyborg apart.  The story is great, and so far the best of the evil Batmen origins.


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