Thanksgiving with Megamunch

This past Thanksgiving we went to Regina to visit family, and with 4 kids under the age of 7 in the family, we needed something fun to keep them occupied.  A visit to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum fit the bill.  I’ve been visiting this place for years, as a kid, in my previous job as a teaching assistant, and as a parent.  There’s lots to see, and they tend to keep up the gallery, updating every few years or so.

The building is divided into three galleries.  We visited the Life Sciences Gallery on the upper floor first.  This gallery is full of several wildlife dioramas, displaying a wide variety of Saskatchewan wildlife, as well as animals that have a Saskatchewan connection.  My nephew took the lead here, eager to show off as much as possible to his cousins.  The kids were in heaven.  Lots of space to run free, and lots of cool animals to see.

Next up to the lower level where we took in the Earth Sciences gallery.  This one had been revamped since I’d been there last, and the first room looked great.  It’s also where a good chunk of the RSM’s fossil collection is on display.  The kids loved this area too.  Who wouldn’t?  It has dinosaurs.  There were plenty of things to look at, and they had dramatically improved it from the last time I was there.

Next up was the third gallery, The First Nations Gallery.  This gallery details the history and lifestyle of Saskatchewan’s First Nations people.  It is really well done and gives a good look at the history and culture of one of the largest groups of people in Saskatchewan.  Some of the horrible things that were inflicted on this people are included, but not gone into in great detail.  Keeping in mind, the treatment of First Nations persons in Canada is a pretty big black mark on our nations history, and some folks can’t come to terms with it.  Either way, this is a very important gallery and very well done.

Next up are the lobby exhibits.  A replica of Scotty the T-rex’s skull, and a skeleton of a prehistoric crocodile.  I think it’s a species of Champsosaur.  I could go at great length on why the full T-rex skeleton isn’t one display here, but that’s a large rant for another day.  The T-rex skull looks great.  If you’re in during the week you might even be able to meet the gentleman that worked for years to free the skeleton from the rock it was encased in.  His name is Wes Long and he’s a really good guy with a lot of passion for dinosaurs.

Finally, what visit to the RSM would be complete without a visit to their resident animatronic T-Rex:  Megamunch!  Now most of the kids are terrified of him still, they will get over that with age.  But us adults still get a kick out of him.  To top it off, the staff usually dress him up for holidays and special occasions, and we were in luck:IMG_20171009_120902

Unfortunately Megamunch hadn’t quite gotten the pie in the oven, so we were unable to partake.

The RSM is a great place to visit, especially with kids.  Admission is by donation, and it’s both educational and fun!  A special thank you to my four year old nephew for leading our tour!

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