Wonder Woman #31: Children of the Gods Part 1

This issue was picked up because my daughter loves Wonder Woman.

The Cover

IMG_20171109_223704The cover was done by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair.  I love how powerful each of the characters look, Wonder Woman, Giganta, and Grail.  All powerful warrior women.  Though I’m not a big fan of the faces.  I feel like the cover was perhaps a little rushed?  The inside of the book looks much better, but the cover was enough to grab my daughter’s eye, so it can’t be all bad!

The Art

The duties on this issue are done by Carlo Pagulayan, and I like the look of it.  Details are good, and the characters all look great.  There is a lot of colour, and even a darker character like Grail has a lot of vibrancy.  The issue as a whole looks good.


The Story

James Robinson presents us with two plot threads in this issue.  The first is a sort of flashback, with a grizzled man who lives in the woods coming into a small town to gather supplies and then returning home.  He is shortly confronted by Grail and his true identity is revealed:  Hercules!IMG_20171109_223729

Fast forward eleven days and Wonder Woman is fighting Giganta in Los Angeles.  We come in at the tail end of the fight.  She is soon confronted by a lawyer who advises her that she is the sole remaining beneficiary of an estate, namely the estate of Hercules!  It was a pretty good issue, and the first paid for issue of Wonder Woman I’ve ever picked up.  I liked it and will probably pick up another at some point.  It’s a good starting point for an issue too if you’re looking to get into the series.  I also like how DC puts a part one on the cover.  It gives a good idea of what issues are good jumping on points.

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