Cable #150: The Newer Mutants Part 1

So when I was first collecting, this was a series I did not miss unless the comic store didn’t put an issue in my file(only happened during the crossover with X-Man, and boy was I pissed).  I read back in the Jeph Loeb/Ian Churchill days.  Back when everything was dark, and Cable looked super cool.  It was the epitome of comics in the 90’s.  So when I saw that they’d returned to the legacy numbering, and yes there is a chart in the book detailing how the numbering for Cable works(it’s on the same page as the digital download code), 110 issues after I’d last picked it up, with the start of a new story arc, I thought why not pick it up?

The Cover


The cover is done by John Malin and Federico Blee, and boy is it ever a throwback to the early days of the character.  It speaks to his earliest appearances and very much resembles the style in which Rob Liefeld drew him.  Cable appears with a new team of mutants, most of whom do not make an appearance in this issue at all, which is too bad, because I always liked Blink.  Cover looks good, but definitely misrepresents what’s inside.

The Art

Jon Malin does the interior work here, and it does look good.  Not as choppy as some of the early 90’s appearances that his depiction of Cable is influenced by, but it does look good.  Cable isn’t as over-muscled as he appeared when Churchill drew him either.  He’s the most realistically proportioned I’ve seen him in an issue I’ve purchased.  I really don’t have anything negative to say about the art.  There’s no weird faces or anything that looks absurd.


The Story

The writing duties are handled by Ed Brisson, and we begin with Cable and Longshot investigating the death of the External Candra(Externals are a type of Mutant that are supposed to be immortal).  They are able to ascertain that she knew her killer, and then begin to assemble a team to track down a killer strong enough to kill an External.


Doop(the green guy pictured above), and Shatterstar are recruited this issue.  The other three members of the team pictured on the cover do not make an appearance.  The team seek to track down the last living External, Selene, to see if she is either involved or responsible.

I liked Longshot and Cable, as they dominate the first half of the issue and therefore have the most opportunity to develop their characters.  I enjoyed the portrayals of both.  Shatterstar shows up to provide some muscle and be an extra body to get thrown around during the confrontation with Selene.  Nothing special with him.  I did however enjoy this guy:IMG_20171117_235611

You can’t understand what he says, leaving you to basically infer what he’s saying from facial expressions and what others are saying to him, but the character, to me, oozes charisma.  He seems a little out-of-place on a team with Cable, and honestly I have no idea what he really does, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t introduce a lot of fun!

Overall, it was a good issue and a start to a storyline that could be interesting.  It’s worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Cable #150: The Newer Mutants Part 1

  1. I’m really excited to finally see Cable make an appearance on the big screen in Deadpool 2. Hopefully it will do the character justice. I have always liked the character. This comic does look very cool. Thanks for sharing and as always great post! 😀

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