Thor #700 – The Death of the Mighty Thor Part 1

This is a milestone issue, the first of the series to return to the legacy numbering, and also the first Marvel issue to hit the 700th issue.

The Cover

The cover is a wrap around to commemorate the 700th issue.  It’s a pretty cool cover, showcasing all the various Thors from the history of the comic.  Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson do the duties here, and while not as colourful as the last issue I picked up, it still looks good.  For the name of the storyline, the slightly subdued colouring in the cover is fitting.

The Art

This book is all over the place artistically.  There are several artists working on this 50-page extravaganza, and several different storylines, each seemingly done by different artists.  Some, like the Unworthy Thor, Mighty Thor, and King Thor look great.  Others, namely the Young Thor sections don’t look as good.  Though the art through most of the issue is strong, the weaker sections do drag it down a bit.

The Story

Jason Aaron handled the writing duties on this issue, and the story seems like a bit of a soft reboot to Thor.  It does a great job of bringing readers up to speed on the history of Thor, as well as laying a lot of groundwork for the future of the series.  It looks like there is enough in the Thor universe to keep things going for a few years, and with Jane Foster suffering from a terminal form of cancer, I’m curious as to how they’re going to handle her eventual death.  I honestly hope that if she has to die, that she goes out with glory and honour.  I love her as The Mighty Thor, and hope her passing doesn’t ignore all that she brought to what being a ‘Thor’ means.  I also like the introduction of an old villain on the final pages.  While said villain didn’t look amazing artistically, the threat they provide could make for some interesting reading.  This is a busy issue, but one that I think is a good jumping on point for new readers.

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