Superman #32: Breaking Point

This is the first modern Superman issue I’ve picked up.  I do have another from the 80’s back at my parents house, and will probably review it here at some point.

The Cover

The cover is done by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto. It looks pretty damn good.  Superman looks tough, and Deathstroke is portrayed as a threat to him carrying two swords with green glowing blades.  Kryptonite maybe?


The Art

Tyler Kirkham handles the interior art on this book as well, and the quality found on the cover is maintained within.  Superman literally looks like the strongest being in the universe.  He exudes strength, power and control in his appearance.  For his part, Deathstroke looks like a threat to him in this issue.  Both characters look really strong.  I really enjoyed the look of this book, the art blends well with the story, and I enjoy the colour as well.


The Story

This issue is written by James Bonny, and it’s a pretty simple story.  Deathstroke has been hired to kill Lois Lane, so of course, Superman is going to prevent that.  The story actually contains internal narratives for both Superman and Deathstroke, showing what each is thinking as the story progresses.  Deathstrokes’ narrative is one of a predator analyzing his prey.  He is looking for strengths and weaknesses, coldly assessing the man of steel as they fight.  Superman on the other hand is focusing on control.  Trying to stop Deathstroke without killing him.  It’s a really good portrayal of both.  Now for the third character, Lois Lane.  She is very much presented as the fearless reporter.  Not in a too dumb to realize she’s in trouble kind of way, but in as a very realistic professional that realizes the dangers involved in her career and taking them into account as essentially ‘the cost of doing business’.  I like this portrayal of Lois.  She’s not super-human at all, but she sure as hell isn’t meek or a typical damsel in distress.

Overall I’m really happy with this issue.  It looks good, the story is solid, and it’s consistent throughout.  I really enjoyed the reveal of Deathstroke’s employer at the end.  If you can still find it on the shelves I recommend picking it up!

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