Doctor Strange #381: Loki: Sorcerer Supreme Part 1

Wait a minute, when did this happen?  My last issue of Doctor Strange had him in the aftermath of most magic being obliterated, and now Loki is Sorcerer Supreme?

Screenshot 2017-12-06 22.32.29

The cover pictures Loki, front and center, and though the book is still named Doctor Strange, I am curious how long he’ll be relegated to the sidelines in his own book.  This image alone was enough to make me curious enough to buy the issue.  Mike Del Mundo doesn’t really do anything spectacular here, but the image of Loki as Sorcerer Supreme was enough to draw me in.

The Art

Gabriel Hernandez Walta carries the load for this issue, and I felt he changed styles up at different times in the book.  I felt that the bulk of the book carried a similar tone, namely the scenes with Zelma and the ones with Loki in the bar, but I felt that things changed up a bit when Thor arrived, as well as at the end of the issue in Doctor Strange’s new practice.  The work is good, but I miss Chris Bachalo on this book.

The Story

Donny Cates is writing this arc, and it is definitely a great jumping on point for a new reader, as most Part 1’s are.  Simply put, Loki is now Sorcerer Supreme, and 177A Bleecker St is now his.  Doctor Strange’s old assistant Zelma is now working for Loki, who it appears is having trouble being taken seriously within the magical community.  Though he claims he wants to help, no one believes him(his past goes a long way into explaining why, and God of Lies is in his title).  Thor even makes an appearance to confront him regarding taking the title of Sorcerer Supreme, and it seems that he even wins her over with an act of good faith.  Stephen Strange we later learn, has started up a veterinary clinic, as he has retained the ability to talk to animals, which leads to the best joke in the book.

All in all, it was a decent read.  Nothing to really write home about, but a decent exposition to what could be a really fun arc.

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