Shirtless Bear-Fighter #4

I picked this issue up based entirely on the title.  I’m just not one of those people who can see a title like “Shirtless Bear-Fighter” and just ignore it.  Something like that is going to be either complete garbage, or a lot of fun.  I was hoping for the latter.  Either way, this is the first issue I’ve picked up from Image Comics in a very long time.

The Cover


Andrew Robinson did the cover on this issue, and it looks interesting.  We see the main character, squaring up for a fight with some loggers, with an angry-looking bear wearing a fishing hate standing as his side.  It’s an interesting cover, I like it!

The Art

Nil Vendrell does the art in this book, and it fits with the story.  It’s good enough to not be too cartoony, but isn’t too realistic or gritty.  The work is consistent throughout the book, and does a good job of fleshing out the story and bringing it to life.  I especially like the look of the bears.  They look like I think they should, if that makes any sense.

The Story

Although the title is pretty straight-forward, our protagonist doesn’t actually fight any bears in this issue.  Apparently this was in earlier issues, but by this issue he has joined forces with the bears to help defend their forest from an evil corporation intent on cutting it down.  Written by Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner, the issue is actually a lot of fun.  They have a very condescending portrayal of the grunt workers of the logging company, which is headed by a megalomaniac that drives around in a giant toilet, so it does seem like there is a bit of a heavy-handed political message as well as some fun fight scenes.  I honestly enjoyed this book, but am not sure if I’ll pick up any others in the series.  We’ll have to see if they put out any future covers that catch my eye!

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