Spider-Man #12: Sitting in a Tree Part 1

Another free digital issue!  I really enjoy that Marvel has done a lot of this with their free digital copies.  Two issues for the price of one is always a good thing!  This was also my first experience with Miles Morales as Spider-Man.  My verdict?  He’s a good Spider-Man.

The Cover

The cover pictures Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen hanging upside down and kissing.  I don’t know much about either character, other than Miles is also a member of the Champions, and apparently Spider-Gwen is from another dimension.  Regardless, the cover looks good and promises a Spidey filled romance!  Sara Pichelli and Jason Keith did a good job on this issue.

Screenshot 2017-12-30 23.30.40

The Art

Sara Pichelli does the interior art on this issue, and it looks good.  She does a great job drawing Spider-Man, and does an especially great job during his fight with The Ringer towards the end of the book.  Spider-Man has a certain feel during fight scenes, and she does a great job of capturing it.

Screenshot 2017-12-30 23.32.01

The rest of the book looks good too.  It’s not as cartoony as I would expect a Spider-Man book to look(preconceived notions stepping in here), but it still looks good throughout.

The Story

Brian Michael Bendis wrote this issue, and it’s a good starting point for the Sitting in a Tree arc, and a great jump on point for a new reader.  There is a lot of exposition, and I like how the story is told as Miles telling his friends all about it after the fact, hence the opening of him describing making out with Spider-Gwen.

Screenshot 2017-12-30 23.30.58

We then learn that this came about as Miles had to travel to her universe in search of his father, who is working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and has gone into said dimension chasing after some tech misplaced by Maria Hill.  She sends Miles in to retrieve him and the tech.  Upon arriving Miles engages in battle with this universes version of the Ringer, and then meets Spider-Gwen.  All told this was a pretty good expositionary issue, the story is well paced and easy to jump into.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, and loved that it was a free digital copy.

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