Pass Powder Keg: My First Time Downhill Skiing

A couple of weeks ago my family and I went on a downhill skiing excursion.  My wife has skied several times before, whereas my daughter, my son, and myself have never gone.  As a result, my wife found a hill that billed itself as perfect for beginners and provided lessons to all ages.  We trekked out to Pass Powder Keg, located in Blairmore, Alberta.  The weather was exquisite for a day of learning to ski.


We arrived, checked in, and started getting fitted with gear.  They had equipment for all of us, in excellent condition, and a great fit, even for my four-year old son.  Once we were ready, we went outside and joined our lessons.  My son and I, as complete beginners, were paired together, and my daughter was in another lesson, coincidentally with another kid from her class at school.

Our instructors were Michelle(my son and I), and Peter(my daughter).  They did an excellent job with us.  It was very obvious that they love what they do, and had a lot of enthusiasm and patience for our motley crew.  Michelle took my son and I and taught us how to stay balanced, turn and stop on the bunny hill, we then went on to the kiddie hill, named Sesame Street.  Peter did an excellent job teaching my daughter.  He got through her initial fears, and had her going down Sesame Street by herself inside of two hours.

After our lessons, we took a quick break for lunch, my wife having returned from skiing by herself during the morning.  The food was good, the kids had grilled cheese, and we had burgers.  After lunch we returned to the hill and skied some more.  My son had an epic crash on Sesame Street, having forgotten how to stop at the exact worst time possible, it was like something you see on sports highlights.  Thankfully a mandatory piece of equipment for kids is a helmet.  My little guy walked away without a scratch.


I then decided to take a shot at one of the easy runs.  I thought the name ‘Easy Street’ would be a good place to start.  Now, keep in mind, as of the moment I took this run, I had one hour of lessons under my belt, and a couple of hours of solo skiing on a very easy and short run.  Easy Street was way above my skill level.  I crashed, I fell, I got frustrated and walked down part of it.  I did manage to tough it out for the last couple hundred meters, but then quickly returned to the kids hill.  My lesson was great, but I need more.

Shortly after my return we decided to call it a day.  We returned our gear and began the drive home.  All of us had a wonderful time, I think my daughter most of all, as we pretty much had to pull her off the hill!  I can honestly say that after this experience we will be going again, and due to its proximity to where we live, we’ll likely be back to Pass Powder Keg.

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