Batman: White Knight #4

The eight part limited series continues!  We start to see where things are going, and it looks like the exposition is done and we are left with an idea of where things are going.

The Cover

Like the rest of the series this issue is done by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth.  The cover depicts Jack Napier at a campaign rally on the bottom half of the image, and a bloodied Batman on the top.  This cover has more cover than the previous three issues, but still has a dark tone, which is a recurring theme in this series.


The Art

The book is done in a very dark and gritty style, which fits well with Batman, especially in a series in which the Joker has become the protagonist and Batman is slowly becoming the villain.  We have one bright spot in this issue in terms of colour and tone:  The engagement scene between Jack and Harleen.  The art isn’t as gritty, and the whole page is much brighter, in direct contrast to the rest of the book.

The Story

The story begins with Jack Napier running a campaign rally in Backport, a particularly poor and run down neighbourhood of Gotham.  It is also the neighbourhood that is affected by Batman’s war against crime the most, suffering millions of dollars in property damage on a regular basis.  As the GCPD move to arrest Jack, the crowd starts to riot, and are only quelled by Jack himself, who spins the riot as a result of Batman’s appearance.  We see Napier meet with Commissioner Gordon, and pitch a new police unit armed with Batman style tech to deal with super villains and the like.  He even details how to bring Batgirl and Nightwing on board.

We are then treated to the most touching part of the issue, the proposal of marriage between Harley and Jack.  Even though it’s interrupted by Neo-Joker, a.k.a. the second Harley, Jack sticks with his first love, and Neo-Joker states that she will do anything she has to do to bring the Joker back.  This issue really was packed with content, and it looks like the action is going to really pick up going forward.  The Gotham Terrorist Oppression Unit is shaping up, Neo-Joker has taken control of the super-villains, and Jack Napier seems poised to seize control of the city legally.

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