Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Hera

IDW is putting out a series of one-shots based on the Forces of Destiny animated shorts.  I decided to pick up the Hera issue in part because it’s the perfect fit for her age, and she happens to love the character.  Not as much as Ashoka, but close.

The Cover


The cover is done in the same style as the Forces of Destiny cartoon.  Eva Widermann does the duties on this issue on both the cover and the interior.  Hera features prominently front and center, with Chopper and the Ghost backing her up.  There isn’t anything ground braking or awe-inspiring about this cover, but it does tell you exactly what it’s about.

The Art

The art is done very much in the style of the Forces of Destiny animated series, so if you’re not a big fan of that, you probably won’t like the look of this issue.  Personally, for the story they’re telling and the target demographic, it is a good fit.  It is consistent throughout, and is fairly sharp.


The Story

As a one shot about Hera, it’s pretty straightforward what this issue is going to center around.  Hera and Chopper are running a solo mission to secure supplies from an outpost on the planet Fekunda.  Upon arriving to the system they are surprised by the presence of imperials, and after a short dogfight, make contact with the outpost that is now being strong armed into providing foodstuffs for the Empire.  Hera works with the farmers to make the outpost seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth, and gains new allies for the rebellion by showing them how to resist without resorting to violence.  Devin Grayson penned this issue, and I thought did a pretty good job of bringing Hera to life on these pages and staying true to her character.  It’s also nice to see her get the spotlight, as at times(especially in earlier seasons) she gets overshadowed by some of the other members of the Rebels crew.  All told this was a fun issue for all ages, and I would recommend it.

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