Champions #16: Champion for a Day Part 1

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-01-25 22.23.02

The cover of this issue is literally a who’s who of newer characters in the Marvel Universe.  It puts all the non-members of the team(potential members maybe?) front and center, almost pushing the current team out-of-the-way.  All told it gives one the impression that the issue will be packed full of heroes, and it does deliver on that!

The Art

Humberto Ramos handles the art on this issue, and like previous issues of Champions I’ve looked at, the style has stayed consistent.  I really like the way these characters look in this book, and in particular loved the look of Devil Dinosaur.  Ramos really does a good job of showing these characters age, they really do look like the younger generation of super-heroes.  All told the book looks good.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 22.23.53

The Story

This is a pretty busy issue.  It has two primary storylines, the first being Viv Vision acclimating to being human rather than a synthezoid, as well as coping with the fact that her father(The Vision) has created a new synthezoid daughter as well.  The second storyline is fragmented into several smaller sections, with different members of the Champions fighting crime and interacting with new heroes/potential members.  In particular I loved the appearance by Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fighting alongside Cyclops and Nova, and the interaction between Ironheart and Hulk.

I know there is a shakeup coming in the lineup of the team coming, but I hope they can maintain the fun of the book, even with the new bodies.

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