Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Ahsoka & Padme

The second of the IDW Forces of Destiny one shots to be added to my collection.  Why?  Because my daughter loves Ahsoka and it’s fun to be able to share stuff like this with her.  Now for my take on it.

The Cover


If you’ve watched any of the animated shorts in the Forces of Destiny series, the artwork will be very familiar to you.  It’s an exact replication of the animated series.  Ahsoka and Padme are featured front and center, with Padme looking confident, and Ahsoka looking alert and potentially on the defensive.  The cityscape of Coruscant stands in the background.  There is nothing mind-blowing here, the cover is just a good representation of what you’ll find inside.

The Art

Valentina Pinto handles the artistic duties on both the cover and interior, and it looks good.  It is a more cartoony style, and clearly aimed at kids, but it is consistent throughout and does look good.  There are no real awkward poses or scenes, and she does a great job translating the animated series to the printed page.

The Story

This issue was written by Beth Revis and is pretty much an exact retelling of an existing Forces of Destiny episode.  In it Padme recruits Ahsoka to act as additional security at an important negotiation to bring a neutral world into the Republic.  Soon enough a full-blown fight erupts between our heroes and a saboteur, and through team work and some quick thinking, the day is saved.  All in all there isn’t much to the story, but there doesn’t need to be.  Both Padme and Ahsoka get a chance to shine equally, and it was a fun quick read.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Ahsoka & Padme

  1. I’ve been really intrigued by the ‘Forces of Destiny’ comics, even though I haven’t checked them out myself yet. The Marvel Star Wars comics have lost me but I’ve heard really good things about this line. And I love, love, looooove IDW’s Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles comics!

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    1. I’ve only checked out the two issues, and found them to be pretty good. They’re clearly aimed at a younger demographic than the Marvel series, but are still a lot of fun. I hope they keep Forces of Destiny going as I think there is a tonne of potential there! I’m going to have to pick up some TMNT and Ghostbusters next time I see them!

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      1. They’re both just FUN series. They do a great job of merging the classic stuff I remember as a kid/love about both teams with modern touches that make it feel new. AND they’ve done two TMNT/Ghostbusters crossovers where they team-up!

        The events that could once only occur on my living room floor as I played with my action figures are now playing out in a pretty amazing comic book :).

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      2. Ugh, I feel your pain. It was years after I first read about the miniseries that I was able to track down the trade at my local comic shop.

        Next month they’re starting a new Ghostbusters comic where they crossover with every iteration of the team ever – from every single movie, cartoon, and video game ever made. The setup is the Containment Unit blows and the originals pull Ghostbusters from all across the multiverse to help. I’m pretty excited!

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