Lethbridge Hurricanes vs. Saskatoon Blades: A Fun Night of WHL Action

My daughter and I went to a Lethbridge Hurricanes game tonight and had a wonderful time.  This is the first game we’ve gone to in two years, and I was curious to see if she was going to be more interested in the game this time.  We had the added distinction of her choir getting to sing the national anthem.  My Dad self was bursting with pride!

My daughter did really good!  Eating cotton candy with a friend from school for most of the first period, and then getting really into dancing and cheering as the game went on.  Her favourite moments were when the “Go Canes Go” graphic would come on the big screen and the whole crowd would chant together.  We also had a blast dancing along to the music between plays.  I think this was the most fun we’ve had at a game together.

The Enmax Center in Lethbridge is small but intimate, and makes for a great game experience.  It really makes a smaller crowd feel like a big one, which adds to the fun.  It also ensures that there really aren’t any bad seats in the house.  Going in I wasn’t even sure how well the Hurricanes were doing this year, I was just hoping for a fun game with lots of scoring.  I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Lethbridge opened the scoring with a flurry of goals, putting 4 on the board inside the first ten minutes.  Saskatoon would respond with two more before the end of the period, and we had ourselves a close game.

The second period was a little tighter, with neither team willing to let one past them, but the Blades had definitely roared back, and had the Hurricanes on their heels.  The shot count quickly rose in the favour of the visitors.

The third period began to follow the trend of the second, with the Hurricanes being outplayed by the Blades.  Only some amazing goaltending kept the Blades from taking the lead.  They would score early in the period to make it 4-3.  The disparity in shots at one point rose to two-to-one, with Saskatoon logging 36 shots and the Hurricanes only 18.  With just a few minutes left, the ‘Canes scored another goal, directly in front of my daughter and I, and the crowd erupted!  5-3!  Though the Blades would score one more time to make it 5-4, the ran out of time, and the night ended with a home team victory!

We were treated to an entertaining game.  High scoring, fast paced, and with lots of excitement throughout.  We’re looking forward to going again, but next time to an afternoon game so we can take my son as well.

If you’re in Lethbridge and a game is on, check it out, it will be worth your time!

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