Free Digital Download: Thanos #13 – Thanos Wins Part 1

Earlier this year Marvel offered a free digital download to everyone that had a Marvel account.  Now, I prefer having a hard copy of a comic, but love the fact that Marvel has been regularly offering additional digital issues with regular purchases.  It also has provided me with issues that I never would have purchased normally, and I’m all for having the opportunity to check out something new.  So to see an offer for a free issue, I’m not going to say no!  That said, given that it was an issue of Thanos, of which I’ve read one issue and not been impressed, I thought this might be an issue that just sits in my online account.  Luckily, this issue was a huge improvement over my last issue of Thanos.

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-02-19 22.54.36

The cover looks pretty cool, featuring Thanos ascending his throne, with the bodies and effects of the heroes of the Marvel universe left broken and beaten in his wake.  It goes hand in hand with the name of the storyline:  Thanos Wins!  The colours mesh well with the tone the cover is trying to set, and I love how there is nothing shiny with any of the carnage left behind him.

The Art

Geoff Shaw handles the penciling duties on this issue, and this issue looks a lot cleaner than issue #1.  None of the characters look awkward, in fact the appearance of a Ghost Rider from the future is one of the highlights of the issue.  This new Ghost Rider looks amazing!  The art does an excellent job of carrying the victorious tone described in the name of the arc, and it feels exactly like a Thanos victory.  Blood is raining, foes lie broken, and Thanos stands supreme.  Everything is fitting with and meshes well with the story.

The Story

The issue begins with Thanos having conquered the Chitauri.  The battle is won, and Thanos assumes the throne, to the cheers of the assembled Chitauri survivors.  Thanos then learns that some fiery god is approaching, and smiles at the thought of a challenge.  We soon learn that it is no god, but an incarnation of Ghost Rider, and he wants the Mad Titan to come with him.  This of course leads to a fight, and Thanos soon finds himself wrapped in chains and being pulled off behind the new incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance.  It is only when they arrive at their destination that Thanos learns who has summoned him:  his future self!

This issue delivered a lot more than I’d expected of it, and for that I’m grateful(I know, who complains about free content, right?).  The insane future Ghost Rider, the time travel aspect, how well drawn the issue was.  This was a solid issue all around and a great start to a new story arc.  No messing around with a book of exposition, just straight into the action.  Great issue overall and one I would recommend!


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