Free Digital Download: Luke Cage #1

I really enjoy the free digital downloads that Marvel offers with some of their comic purchases.  Not only do you get a digital copy of the issue you purchased, but you get an extra as well!  The nice thing about these extras is you can get something you wouldn’t normally buy.  Luke Cage fell into this category for me, not because I have anything against the character, in fact, I love his portrayal in the Netflix Marvel series, but he was never a high-profile character.  I’ll say it right now:  This issue was excellent.

The Cover

The cover of this issue is action packed.  Luke Cage bursting through a wall, guns pointed at him!  It shows the seeming invincibility of the character and his ferocity.  Rahzzah did the art on the cover and it’s less comic art, and more a portrait.  It stands out sitting next to other books, which to me is a plus.

Screenshot 2018-02-26 22.53.32

The Art

Nelson Blake II does the interior art on this issue.  I like the look of it.  The lines are clean, the action is clear, and the art supports the story.  Luke Cage looks every bit the invincible hero for hire.

The Story

This first issue of the Luke Cage series is written by David F. Walker, and he does a great job of introducing Luke, as well as providing a crash course on his back story.  This is the kind of ‘reboot’ I like.  A new story that quickly introduces the protagonist, and then dives right into a new adventure.  In this the story picks up after Luke is a guest at the funeral of the scientist that gave him his powers.  I also learned that there are others that were given powers in similar experiments, and that Luke had squared off against some of them in the past, most notably Mitchell Tanner.  By the end of the issue Luke is driven off the road and actually cut open by some mysterious men in suits, only to be saved by his old foe, the blue skinned Mitchell Tanner.

It’s a nice start to the series, and I’ll definitely be keeping more of an eye out for issues of Luke Cage going forward.  It’s always nice when a comic pleasantly surprises you, and this one sure did that!


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