Batman: White Knight #6

This is a series that I’ve been getting more excited for with every issue.  I bought issue #1 on a lark, and have been hooked since.

The Cover

The cover on this issue again looks great.  Mr. Freeze sits on the top half, with his wife in suspended animation in the background behind him.  The bottom half features the Batmobile, seemingly emerging from an explosion.  It really is just a beautiful cover.


The Art

This series has been, from the beginning an amazing book.  The art continues to create an atmosphere that both supports the story, and draws the reader in.  The art seems to echo the each scene, getting darker or lighter as required.  This issue does something that I didn’t notice in previous issues:  there are a few absolutely breathtaking two page spreads.  One of the Batmobile, and another of Batman fighting Jack Napier.  I love that six issues into the series it still feels like we’re seeing something new.

The Story

As of last issue Batman is now public enemy number one, having interfered in the capture of Neo-Joker and allowing all the super-villains to escape.  The first half of the issue revolves around Batman’s capture, and after a street fight with Napier, Batman is apprehended.  Jack shows again that he is a changed man when he refuses to allow Batman to be unmasked, and I feel that although he needed the victory over Batman, he still wants his enemy to keep his dignity.  We then learn the back story of Mr Freeze and his ties to the Wayne family, as well as see Neo-Joker unleash an attack on Gotham using tech built by Freeze’s father.  It all leads up to a cliffhanger that leaves us waiting for the next issue.  With two left it’s going to be very interesting to see how it ends!


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