Thrawn #1

This comic limited series acts as the origin story for Grand Admiral Thrawn, perhaps the most popular of the Star Wars Legends characters, and one that is now added to the official canon, with appearances in a new novel, the Rebels animated series, and now in comic form.

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-03-16 23.07.15

The cover on this issue was done by Paul Renaud, and pictures an unkempt Thrawn standing over a pair of defeated stormtroopers.  The colour looks good and though unkempt, Thrawn looks very much the imposing character he was written as by Timothy Zahn.

The Art

Luke Ross does the interior art on this issue, and while Thrawn appears first as a castaway on a planet in the Unknown Regions, Ross draws him with a quiet stoicism and manages to portray a calculating intellect behind his eyes.  I love how Ross draws the faces of the Imperial officers.  The lines in their faces are sharp, and the characters in general are very well drawn and embody Imperial officers.  The book looks great and feels like the Star Wars universe.

The Story

Jody Hauser does this re-imagining of Timothy Zahn’s popular character, and does do Thrawn justice.  The issue begins on a jungle planet in the Unknown Regions, with Imperials searching the planet looking for an alien that had been marooned on the planet and(as we find out later had encountered Anakin Skywalker) seeking to bringing said alien before the Emperor.  Thrawn is then brought to the Imperial Academy, along with another cadet that acts as his aide and translator.  We learn that Thrawn is very calculating, and wholly dedicated to the Empire.  As far as origin stories go, this comic is excellent.

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